Listed as one of “The 29 Best Shows We Saw at UMS This Year”

Via 303 Magazine

“The Denver-based duo of Kathleen Hooper and Aubrey Mable, known as LVDY, drenched the Knockout Stage in joyful exuberance on Friday. UMS is the first festival for the duo, and their stage presence is palpable. With an inherent ability to engage and interact with the crowd, LVDY surely added a few more fans to their “LVDY mob” through Hooper’s powerful vocals, Mable’s soulful guitar playing and the sheer honesty and positivity of their lyrics. A light rain only added to the dreamy vibe of the set as the duo played a mix of original tracks from their recent EP as well as a cover of Rihanna’s “Love on the Brain” intertwined with the hymn “Ave Maria,” and an unreleased track focused on cultivating gratitude despite the hardships of life. Their set seemed to further solidify their rising star status in the local music scene and spread awareness for the overwhelmingly uplifting message that is LVDY. – Chloe Dore”



“It didn’t take long for Denver’s LVDY to cut through the noise and burst onto the music scene in a major way. Shepherding a folksy yet soulful sound into Denver’s collective conscious, Aubrey Mable and Kathleen Hooper have amassed tens of thousands of streams and sold out their first headlining gig at Lost Lake with a mere two songs to their name. Mable, the gritty DIY backbone of the group, lives in direct contrast to Hooper’s elegance and theatrical presence, but together, despite how different they may seem, when they come together as LVDY, its nothing short of amazing. LVDY is an acoustic/electric duo who wears their gender as a beacon of empowerment, hence the “V” in their name, and if their early successes are any indication, the future is female. Catching up with the women of LVDY for their miraculous first interview ever, at a “girl-power” themed Sofar Sounds event, we talked about their backstory, living and busking in New Zealand and how 2018 changed everything for them.”